Top 5 Blunders that can damage your LinkedIn Job Search Prospects

Looking for a new job?

It’s not that difficult to search for one these days, especially if you use the internet.

Every day, you can get loads of information about relevant vacancies from different companies and they can even be delivered right in your mailbox.

But even that’s not always enough.

So, what can you do?

The advent of different social media platforms has made it easier for the job seekers to look for a relevant job. And if you can use them prudently, you might even land your dream job.

Choose LinkedIn

Which social media platform are you planning to use for job search? There are quite a few social media websites on the internet. It makes no sense to have your presence on all of them. Many of them deal only at the personal level.

But that’s not what you should be looking for. You will rather need something that blends both personal and the professional perfectly.

And that’s what LinkedIn is.

So, it’s no wonder that LinkedIn can be one of the best platforms that you can use to search for your dream job. There are, of course, several social media platforms that help in job search. But LinkedIn is surely among the best if you have to choose from those.

And it has a whopping 364 million users, which makes your job search even more relevant.

But while you are searching for your dream job on this platform, you should use the LinkedIn features properly. And, of course, don’t let some of the most horrid mistakes mar your prospects.

Here’s a quick look at what you should not do while searching for a job on LinkedIn.

Not Using Any Picture on Your Profile

Remember, when you are planning to land a job, you need to impress your potential employers so that they recruit you. No doubt, your resume or the details on LinkedIn is going to perform that task to some extent.

But it’s not going to be enough.

An image has the best ability to create a first impression that can help you land the job. So, it’s the first thing that you should be including in your LinkedIn profile. According to LinkedIn expert Nicole Williams, “You’re seven times more likely to have your profile viewed if you have one. Like a house that’s on sale, the assumption is that if there’s no photo, something’s wrong.”

So, there’s no reason why you should not leverage this opportunity and create an indelible impression on the potential recruiters to land your dream job.

Not Being Active on LinkedIn

You are searching for a job. So, the potential employers would surely like to see what you are up to.

And as you are using LinkedIn for job search, that’s the only platform where they can look for the information.

They will surely like to see how active you have been on LinkedIn. They will search for the updates you share or how you have commented on other relevant stuff.

So, it is extremely important for you to be active on LinkedIn.

If the potential recruiters find that your profile has been almost dormant on this professional platform, they are likely to lose interest in your profile too. Thus, you will lose the chance of cracking the job.

Not Filling in the Part for Old Job Experiences

Remember, when it comes to searching for a new job, the experience that you have, plays one of the most important roles.

It is quite obvious that the recruiters will be interested about your current experience. And also about the role that you play at your current job.

So, what’s the best thing that you can do?

Here’s a quick solution.

Fill in the part that requires your past experience. The recruiters will be able to see all your past experience right from your LinkedIn profile and decide if they want to recruit you.

Not Focusing on the LinkedIn Summary

Don’t have a resume on LinkedIn?

That is not going to hurt your cause much if you have the LinkedIn Summary filled in.

The LinkedIn Summary is quite similar to the summary part of an old-format resume, which would contain your career highlights.

In fact, a filled-in LinkedIn Summary will play the role of a resume while you are searching for a job on this social media platform.

But remember, you need to create the content of the summary in an attractive way to attract the attention of the potential recruiters.

So, not focusing on the LinkedIn Summary would mean that recruiters might not even consider you for a job.

And so, you might lose out on the best opportunities to land a new job.

Not Using LinkedIn’s Privacy Settings Properly

When you are searching for a new job, would you trumpet around about that in your current organization?

Of course not.

Yet, you might find that people in the office you are working right now are aware of the fact that you are searching for a new job. And even your employers know that too.

Can anything go worse than this?

So, how did they come to know about your job search endeavors?

You might take a close look at the settings of your LinkedIn profile. Check if it allows everyone to view whatever you are sharing. It’s important to filter the content at times.

When you are searching for a job, ensure that the people in your present organization are excluded from it. So, they won’t receive the updates that you are putting while searching for the job.

If utilized prudently, LinkedIn can be an amazing platform to land your dream job.

But you need to be careful of not committing any blunder.

Else you might lose out on the chance to join an organization you had craved for since the time you started your professional career.


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