Set Up Your Gaming Room for Maximum Performance

Setting up a gaming room is an exciting time for any gamer. This is when you finally get to equip a space in the house that will be completely dedicated to your hobby.

Get it right and you will have the perfect place to enjoy hours of trouble-free gaming pleasure. However, there are also some common pitfalls to be aware of and to avoid if you want to achieve maximum performance.

Sound-Proof It

Completely sound-proofing a gaming room is quite a big job and fairly expensive.  There are some easier tips worth checking out, though. These include using a thicker door, seals or heavier curtains.

There are a couple of reasons why this is a good idea. For a start, you might get distracted by sounds from outside, like traffic, television or music. You don’t want loud, unexpected noises to put you off at a crucial time. You could also consider gaming headphones that have or do not have a microphone. Doing this also means that you don’t run the risk of annoying other members of the house with the noise as you play. This means that no one should have to come to the door to interrupt you by asking you to turn the volume down. 

Get a Comfortable Gaming Chair

Research carried out for the State of Online Gaming 2019 report suggests that the average time spent playing video games each week is just over 7 hours.  But 10% of those who responded to the survey have played for 10 or more hours at a time.

No matter how long you spend in front of the screen, having a comfortable chair that can be adapted to your needs is vital. This allows you to sit in the correct posture to avoid a sore back or stiff legs, among other possible problems. You can even get a gaming chair that hard wires to your Xbox now!

The biggest issue with inappropriate gaming chairs is that they can cause you to cut your session short, or else you may have to stand up more regularly than you would like, to give your body a break.  

Consider the Lighting

The lighting in your gaming room will also have a direct impact on your performance.  The first step here is to consider the natural lighting that enters the room from any windows at different times of day. You can then look at the light fixtures in the room.

Whether the current lighting is good enough for your purposes really depends upon the games you game and whether you prefer to play in the dark or with the light on.

It is generally suggested that playing with the light on is better for your eyes, and there is no doubt that having blurred vision or a headache that is caused by eye strain will have a negative effect on how well you play.

Electrical Issues and Wiring

If you get this point right, it is something you won’t need to worry about or even think about again. But if you get it wrong, it could turn out to be a real nuisance, as you might need to move plugs around from time to time, or run the risk of tripping over wires.

You need to have enough sockets or power strips near to your computer or console for all of the electrical components that you need to plug in.  This means that you can plug them in and start playing without needing to worry about moving things around later.

If you need to have cables running across the room then be sure to hide them using accessories such as cable tubes or tracks. This will cut out the risk of your running over them with your chair, and of anyone else tripping over them as you play.   

These simple tricks and tips will help to give you a highly practical gaming room where you can enjoy endless hours of fun.   


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