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While the mobile app revenues globally are increasing in leaps and bounds, the app market is getting fiercely competitive and the app development budget is skyrocketing at breakneck speed. To make the situation look further grim, users frequently use only a handful of apps and the rest of the apps compete for a small fraction of user attention, so how to make a mobile app in 2021 that offers the best solutions to users major problems without compromising with the user experience.

Furthermore, all these aspects can only make your aspiration to build a successful app more challenging. You cannot help but download the most well-equipped app with relevant features helping steady user engagement and smooth business conversion. To make this happen, more than anything else, you need a strong team of experienced and skilled developers who can shape your app aspiration to reality. 

How do you get the right developer talents for your app project? How to find the right hiring approach? What are the key considerations for hiring the developers who are ideal for your project? Let us try to answer these questions.

Know your value proposition 

Before just doing anything, you should have a solid and clear idea about the app you wish to develop. You want to build a restaurant booking app. Now there are several such apps already in the market with different types of features addressing different needs. How do you establish your value proposition? How your app will offer something that other apps won’t? 

Dig the app idea further down to the steps and actions users are likely to take and the solutions your app is likely to provide. That is how you can really know all the unique aspects that your app incorporates and accordingly you need to decide the features and functionalities. 

Once you brainstorm the app idea and come out with all the details, discussing the idea with prospective development companies and getting onto the actual development scenario becomes easier. 

Choosing between in-house or outsourcing 

Now the second most important consideration is making a choice between outsourcing the mobile app development or hiring an in-house team of developers. First of all, let us admit that there are pros and cons to both sides. 

While an in-house team of developers, in the long run, can align with your company vision and deliver better output, hiring them involves bigger cost burdens, a huge loss of time and resources in the hiring and talent acquisition process, a lot of resource spending on errors and checks, a huge investment in IT infrastructure and the great burden of overhead cost for a long time. This is why many businesses trying to launch a high-quality app quickly and within a budget always prefer outsourcing developers. 

Some of the key advantages that the outsourcing approach offers include access to developer talents across the skill sets all over the globe, reduced time for recruitment thanks to wide-open choices of development companies, zero cost on IT infrastructure and no long term overhead cost, faster development time, access to experts having similar project experience and exposure to most advanced development methodologies. 

Only because of these advantages, a business in faraway Brazil can outsource developers from a mobile app development company in Belgium. Yes, businesses around the globe are keen on outsourcing opportunities for the benefit of their app projects. 

Experience and exposure 

Experience and earlier project exposure is another key consideration for hiring developers for a mobile app project. Apart from knowing the overall developer experience in years, you should also know what kind of industry exposure they have and whether they have worked on a similar project earlier or not. 

While trying to know about their previous project, always try to know about their creative inputs instead of their core development skills. App developers should have a deeper understanding of the user audience of the app. You should also find whether they are good at only copycat skills or can offer problem-solving skills to shape a unique app solution. 

You should also ask the developers about the app monetisation methods for the app project and the pros and cons of each one. An experienced developer having enough exposure to similar projects will easily guide you about the right monetisation methods for your app project. 

Development pricing and rates 

Finally, it is the development cost that you should consider with utmost priority and the rate of the developers as the principal cost component. While you cannot compromise on development skills, expertise and experience, you may not afford to hire a globally ranked developer company offering development service at a premium price. You have to find the right developer talents that fit your app budget and there remains the challenge. 

In this respect, you must not allow the price to guide all your decisions. You must be flexible enough to accommodate a little higher rate for the right talents. You also should decide on an agreeable payment term and payment method as per industry norms. Lastly, make sure to clarify all cost components without keeping any corner unchecked for hidden cost. 

Ensure Post-development Support 

When hiring developers you must take into cognisance the post-development support and maintenance service offered by them. Make sure they take complete responsibility for the entire QA testing involving the right testing protocols, tools and environments and timely app updates with security fixes and new features. You should discuss the cost of post-development support and updates for the long term as well.  

App Store launch 

The App Store and Play Store submission of the app project is another crucial consideration and you must ask whether the same is included within the app budget or not. You must inquire about their licenses and credentials in respect to store submissions and approval before asking about any additional cost component for the process. It has been a standard practice now to include App Store and Play Store submission within the app development budget. 


Hiring the perfect developer talents by balancing both cost and capabilities is not an easy job. But for that matter, building a successful app is not an easy job either. A successful app project must need to go through this challenge of hiring a capable team who can lead it to success brick by brick. 

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