How To Increase Your Email Subscribers

When it comes to marketing, your email list plays an important role.

Billions of people from around the world have an email account which they use for official, personal and even just to log in to social media.

Therefore it definitely makes sense to increase the number of email contacts on a regular basis which will help you to increase the number of new leads and generate buzz about your business.

Here are a few effective ways that you can significantly build your email list and increase the number of subscribers.

Run a Giveaway or Contest on Social Media

One of the most effective methods that you can increase your subscribers is by introducing a contest or giveaway on Social Media.

There are countless options that you can decide on but the main focus of this method should be to get the participant to enter their email address. Facebook is one place that you can start with since many small business owners and entrepreneurs have a Facebook page.

There are third party apps that can help you capture emails through a Facebook contest such as Woobox and Heyo. Contest ideas can range from simply a photography contest, to poetry, video or even a simple giveaway where the contestant only has to enter his or her email address.

Make sure that you keep the contest simple. Don’t make it complicated and have pages of forms to fill.

Think of offering a reward that is related to your product or service. If you own a clothes store, a gift voucher would be ideal than offering them and iPad. Makes sense right?

Also you can promote your contest on your social media channels, and send them a follow up email as a reminder.

Adding an overlay to your Homepage

If you want to capture more emails, a simple way to grab a visitor’s attention would be to add an overlay.

An overlay means the boxes that appear after you have surfed a website for a few seconds. The background blurs and darkens and the message appears on screen.

The user can either enter the information or simply close the window. People use the terms popup and overlay interchangeably. According to research, an overlay can bring in about 400 per cent more email addresses.

Adding an overlay is not rocket science. There are online tools that will help you add an overlay to your site without the use of any code.

Pippity, Popup Domination and PadiAct are a few tools that you can make use of for a pricing plan.

Several overlays can be tested with A/B testing to see what your customers prefer.

Overlay tips that you should remember include changing the colour of the template to match your brand or logo, have it popup after 15 seconds the visitor hits your site, keep your content simple and brief, make use of A/B testing and focus on your audience.

Make Use of Twitter Lead Generation Cards

This method allows you to collect contact information from a promoted tweet. What you do is create a card that looks like a tweet that offers an incentive.

Source: Twitter Blog

So when a consumer clicks on the call to action, the person’s name, email address and twitter handle is pre-filled and all they have to do is submit it.

You as the business owner will receive a number of new contacts for your email list.

You can set it up by using the following steps.

– Have a Twitter Ads Account
– Decide on how to collect the data from your cards by either downloading a spreadsheet from Twitter or have it through an automation system

Here’s how you can create a card

– Log in to your Twitter Account
– Click on Twitter Ads from the dropdown menu
– Click on the Creative Tabs and then Click Cards
– Then Click your First Lead Generation Card and fill in the form
– Add an image and write a short description
– Link it to your website’s privacy policy and select a call to action
– Finally, save the card

Once that is done, you can attach the card to a tweet and post it. Getting your contacts are easy after that since you can simply click on the lead generation card and hit the download icon where a CSV file will download.

Try Collecting Names at Events

This is a low-tech way to collect contacts. You can just walk up to them and ask them in person. There are countless times that you will find yourself at events and parties.

You can talk to people upfront and ask for a business contact or their email address at the right time.

You can also have a sign up form at a trade show or a business event that you are attending.


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