How to Craft a Content Marketing Strategy that Matters

If you intend to become a serious publisher you need to have a structured content marketing strategy, instead of ending up as a random blogger on the Internet, you have to pay attention to the basics.

Content Marketing Strategy / Research

Unless you are an expert at what you are writing about, don’t avoid research in your content marketing strategy.

For some experts, they already have their potential readers queued up to read their blogs.

The audience they want for their posts is more or less already there.

But for those starting out it is important that every time you write a post you invest some time researching the subject.

Even when you know you have considerable expertise and knowledge on a topic, having a content marketing strategy isn’t going to be a waste of time.

Who knows, a piece of information you are familiar with might be out of date. It is for this reasons that a content marketing strategy and research on your articles will bring better results.

Unless your readers have confidence in you, they are not going to stick around or recommend your blog to their friends.

Do Some Arbitrary Writing for a While

Writer’s block is not all about struggling with topics and themes to write on. Many times, writers find themselves short of words and phrases to use in their articles.

You might find yourself thinking too hard over certain points you wish to make, and are stuck on how to get the message across.

Do some free-styling whenever you find yourself stuck. Write the content in an unsophisticated fashion, even if you keep it in a rough draft that no one is going to read.

With this approach, you just might surprise yourself as you end up making some interesting points in a language that your readers will understand.

Focus When You Ought to

Now that you have created a rough draft of whatever you are planning to write on, it’s time to get down to business.

You have the gist of the write up ready; it is only a matter of building it up to a more structured article.

Start tweaking the sentences you feel can be structured in a more appropriate manner and remove the grammatical errors, if any.

You can add some industry words if you want.

But before doing so, determine who your target audience is and whether it is comfortable understanding this sophisticated vocabulary or not.

Concentrate on Your Strengths

It is not advisable to branch out into territories you are not confident with. As a professional, we should explore and expand our knowledge base.

When you don’t have the confidence while writing on a particular theme, don’t just go ahead with it, because it will hardly be of any value to your readers.

You want your readers to take something valuable from your article, it is only then they will be convinced to revisit your blog and share it among their friends.

If you are an expert in films, don’t branch out into writing health related tips. When you are writing on a topic that is close to your heart, you are bound to give some unique and fresh insights, which will be more than welcomed by your readers.

When we write using our strengths, we tend to have more freedom on how we draft a piece and end up more creative.

Maximize Your Reach Through Marketing

Content marketing strategy are buzzwords today, and understandably so.

When you are putting considerable amount of efforts into writing a piece of content, you have got to make sure that it is reaching relevant audiences, and that it is getting acknowledged.

Content marketing can really help you to gain more attention and make sure that your website gets more traffic.

There are a number of ways like using social media marketing to promote your content.

Share your articles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It would rather serve you best if you can create altogether separate pages for your website on different social media platforms.

As a part of your content marketing strategy, they can really help you reach the right audience and reach them in abundance.

You can optimize your social profiles in a way that the search engines can find all the relevant information they need to index your website for the best results.

Do make sure on the About Us section of each of your page – be it on Facebook or Twitter, you include your website’s URL.

Doing so can also help you as part of your link building exercise. Content marketing also includes joining several online communities and groups and sharing your website’s articles with the members of those groups.

If you share a humorous post in a group on Facebook that has thousands of members, you are making sure that a large number of Facebook users are getting to know about your website and among them, there is a large chunk which will click on the URL shared and increase the traffic to your site.

Crafting a content marketing strategy goes beyond doling out a text sermon on your favorite subject. Create a content marketing strategy, and align it with your website goals in order to take advantage of your audience.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it has helped you understand why having a content marketing strategy is so important.

Please share, or better still let me know what your content strategy is.


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