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The Hyve Group was founded in 1991, and is currently located in London, the United Kingdom. The chairman of the group is Richard Last, and Mark Shashoua is the CEO of the group today.

Hyve Group PLC was known formerly as the ITE Group, and is an organization whose services revolve around organizing exhibitions, and conferences, both locally and internationally. Today, the organization is responsible for organizing over 130 trade exhibitions every year in a total of 14 countries. The company employs over 1,200 staff in more than 17 offices. 

The leading vision of this company is to create exhibitions and conferences that are driven by content and create events that will be termed a must-attend. The Group is also dedicated to making sure that their customers have a strong return on their investments.

Naturally, the company is listed as one of many on the London Stock Exchange and has made it to FTSE 250 Index list. Since this index focuses on the largest companies in the United Kingdom, this means the Hyve Group is one of the largest 250 organizations in the country. 

In 2019, the company made a total of £220.7 million in revenue, while operating with an income of £55.8 million, and a net income of £4.1 million. 

Have Group History

As I mentioned earlier, the company was founded in 1991 by the Shashoua family. It was initially known as ITE, International Trade Exhibitions. In their first years of operation, the group organized several trade events which targeted the markets of countries like Russia, and the economy of the CIS. In 1998, the group was listed for the first time on the London Stock Exchange, 7 years after its establishment. 

In 2008, the company began acquiring other smaller businesses in Russia, such as in Moscow, where they bought the MVK. They also bought the Krasnodar PLC in Krasnodar (also in Russia), the YEMF and Platform Exhibitions in Istanbul, Turkey.

Furthermore, the Group bought the AutoExpo and Beautex brand in Kyiv, before buying ABEC in Mumbai, India, and Trade Link in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. All of these purchases were parts of the organization’s plans to expand. 

In 2019, the group went ahead to buy Shoptalk and Groceryshop, two major event organizations in the United States. These deals cost the company about £111 million ($145 million). Both exhibitions are located in Las Vegas, and were formerly owned by Anil Aggarwal and Simran Rekhi Aggarwal. However, the owners will run it for 12 more months before finally handing over to the new owner. 

A few months before this, in September, the company had changed their name to Hyve Group, as part of their rebranding efforts. 

As mentioned earlier, the company’s executive head is Mark Shashoua who was appointed the CEO in September 2016. Formerly, this man was the CEO of i2i Events Group. This group is the arm for events of the prestigious Ascential PLC. For five years, he championed the internationalisation, and diversification for the company.

The international events industry is a big one, and is Mark Shashoua is one of the prominent figures calling the shots. In 1991, he was one of the founding members of the Hyve group, which started as ITE. He then served as a Senior Director and Board member for a total of 8 years. 

The passion of the CEO revolves around the customers and being able to create an evolutionary behavior in them through various events, and of course making it profitable for investors and shareholders.

The values of the company are scattered alongside four major factors. According to the group’s official website, these factors are what guides their daily operations, their decision-making process, their behaviour towards their customers, and consequently what sets them apart from the rest.

What are these four factors?

First of all, the company believes in delivering brilliant work, and this will help them set a standard for competitors, while also creating a novel and innovative service. Furthermore, they work in an environment that helps staffs achieve the best, and create a better drive towards success. 

Next, the group focuses on rich connections, that is connecting customers, communities and opportunities. The group identifies the place of a good relationship in business, and they are dedicated to creating last-longing relationships. 

Also, Hyve Group prides itself on thinking outside the box. They believe in the power of using thoughts to stay relevant. This is coupled with a restless nature, which is always ready for challenges from competitors and finding new possibilities in the world of events and conferences.

Conclusively, the group believes in treating every show, outing, event, or conference as the same. They believe that this will help in creating an industry standard for others to follow. When every event is treated with the same amount of passion, it becomes easier to infuse creativity and enthusiasm into the mix. 

The group dedicates itself to creating events and conferences that are hard to forget, that is events that leave a long-lasting impression on every single person that attended. The Hyve Group is dedicated towards bringing brilliant minds from several parts of the universe to learn, connect, shape industries and inspire change throughout the whole world. 

In conclusion, the group organizes events in several industries such as oil and gas, healthcare, travel, transportation, IT, telecommunications and so on. Today, the company is responsible for the largest trade fair in Russia, the Moscow building & interiors exhibition (MosBuild).


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