7 Easy Steps To Starting Your Own Blog

Starting your own blog is not a difficult task to accomplish, however, if you want it to be a successful blog, viewed globally, then there are certain things you need to pay some attention to. 

To help lead you through the process of starting your very own blog page, we have put together a simple step-by-step guide.

#1 Decide what you are going to blog about.

The first thing you need to decide is what you are going to blog about, if you want it to be popular it has to be something people are going to find interesting. 

Furthermore, it has to be something that you personally are interested in, otherwise you will struggle to keep coming up with original and engaging content. 

Choosing  a subject you are passionate in will make it easier for you to write your blog, and this passion will then be reflected in your writing.

#2 Decide the hosting platform you are going to use?

There are a number of different blogging platforms you can use, some are free and others, self-hosted.  

Choosing the correct hosting platform is extremely important as it is this that determines the efficiency of your website, if a website speed is slow, or the website experienced a lot of downtime, this is almost always a result of the host. 

A hosting site will basically give you a space on the website, a space you share with other websites, if there are spammers sharing your internet space, for example, you will find your website speed greatly reduces. 

This will impact upon your blog, as your visitors will become frustrated with the time they have to wait for the site to load, or by the amount of time the site is inactive for. 

Consider using a site such as wordpress, that has templates, good hosting and will help you to set up your blogging site quickly and easily.

#3 Choose a good domain name

Make sure your domain name is simple and catchy, something that makes you stand out from the rest, but not get easily confused with anything similar to your blog. 

People don’t often remember long or complicated domain names, so if you cannot think of anything short and snappy, perhaps simply use your name.

#4 Start an emailing list

Make an emailing list for your members so you can send out regular email updates and things like newsletters.  And consider adding incentives to make people sign up to your blog.

#5 Create a schedule

Star thinking about how many posts you want to create, and how many you have the time to write, and write up a schedule to ensure you post blogs onto your site regularly. 

Making a content marketing schedule will help to turn your blog writing into a habit, furthermore, it will bring regular visitors to your site as people log on to read the most recent blog.

#6 Start writing

Now comes the hard part, the process of actually writing your blogs and uploading them onto your site. 

Decide on a title for your first blog and plan what you want to say throughout the blog. 

Make the information relevant and interesting so that people want to read it. 

Try to tell a story in your blog to engage your readers, and consider asking your readers questions so that they feel compelled to comment on your blog. 

Also add social networking tools so that your readers can share your blogs with their friends and family.

#7 Don’t give up

Nobody ever said blogging would be easy, or that everyone would enjoy what you write.  Whatever comments you get, don’t give up on your blog.

Setting up your blog doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time, follow these simple seven steps and start your blogging website today.


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