4 Things You Can Do Outdoors to Have Fun and Get Healthy

Getting healthier is one of the biggest and most important goals many of us set for ourselves each year. Yet, the results are often disappointing, as this attempt to get fitter can fail due to not finding enough enjoyable approaches to make this a lasting change.

One way of ensuring that you choose activities with lasting appeal is to look at the best outdoor sports and hobbies. These are fun ways of getting outside and getting regular exercise in a way that keeps you coming back for more with a smile on your face. You might like to consider one or more of the following ideas to add something extra to your life.    

Start Cycling

Official government figures show that over 10% of people in the UK cycle at least once a week. This is an interesting hobby because you can adapt it to meet your lifestyle. If you currently commute to work then would it be possible to start cycling there at least one or two days a week instead? This is a greener way of travelling, as well as being more interesting and healthier too.

An alternative is to wait to the weekend and go exploring areas of interest on your bike. You would probably want to start out close to home and then gradually go further as you get fitter and more confident. You might be surprised at how many cycling paths and routes you can access quite easily.

To get started, all you need is a reliable bike that you are comfortable using. After a while, you might want to add cycling accessories and clothing to your list of things to buy to make this hobby even more enjoyable. 

Try Kayaking

Another way of getting out for healthy workouts that doesn’t feel like hard work is by getting involved in watersports. There is a huge variety of different types of sport like this, so the first step is to discover which one is best for you. Take into account your fitness levels, your main interests and how much company you want. 

The example of kayaking is a good place to get started with this. This is an activity that can see you burn off several hundred calories in a single session, while it also increases muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, meaning that it is a great all-round workout for your whole body.

Take a look to see what the best recreational kayak is for your needs. Some are designed for bigger users, while others are see-through to give you a glimpse of the water below you. Another option is to combine this with a fishing trip by using a stand-up fishing kayak model.  

Go Rock Climbing

You could add some adventures to your free time by going rock climbing. This is a full body workout that will leave you sore and exhausted the first few times that you try it. However, you will then gain the strength and resistance needed through repeated practise.

There are also a number of other benefits that are linked to this outdoor activity. Climbers speak of feeling more confident and focussed than before. There are also some studies that suggest that it can improve mental health and lower the risk of depression.   

The best idea to probably to join a rock climbing group or community. This will allow you to get started with guidance from experienced climbers, as well as turning it into more of a social experience. It certainly isn’t advisable to go out on your own, as even experienced climbers tend not to do this.

Take Camping Trips

There has been an upsurge in interest in camping trips in recent times, and it is easy to see why. This is an exciting hobby where you can explore new places independently and may also let you gain new skills at the same time.

Camping is the sort of outdoor hobby that can be enjoyed in many different ways. You may decide to get away with your family, with a few friends or on your own. Any of these approaches is great fun and can lead to memorable days and nights far from home. It is just a question of choosing the right one at the right time. 

Naturally, a tent or campervan is the main thing that you need for going camping. After this, you can have great fun adding accessories and equipment later on, with many people finding that buying and using these items adds greatly to the fun of camping.  


Alex Thomas

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